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Meet Neeyada!

In my educational background, I hold a master’s degree in Human Resource Development with a focus in organizational development & integrative leadership. With over ten years of HR experience, I have served as the Human Resources Director at community-based organizations such as Pillsbury United Communities and Guild Incorporated.

Having come from an immigrant family, I recognized the importance of social and business systems from an early age. This insight gave me a headstart as a Human Resources professional, where I helped employees navigate the complexities of workplace systems. 

As my career grew into the leadership level, I became eager to serve as a voice for employees and create opportunities for employee success. I quickly realized how daunting this goal is in the context of current norms and practices! The Human Resources department is often utilized as a transactional space, where there is unyielding pressure to complete paperwork and ensure compliance with ever-changing laws and regulations. As such, there is little room for organizations to develop employee coaching/training programs and nurture their success. In addition, despite the value that nonprofit organizations attach to employee wellbeing, the incorporation of effective wellness programs is almost unheard of in this sector. Finally, as a woman of color in leadership, I had firsthand knowledge of the struggles organizations face in creating and maintaining a diverse, equitable, and inclusive workplace culture.

These challenges are clearly not easy to tackle, but are by no means insurmountable. With my unique skillset and experiences, this is where I can make a difference. I guide visionary leaders in developing a concrete strategic direction for their Human Resources department to maximize employee efficiency and wellbeing. For professionals with new Human Resources oversight, I help them navigate systems change, compliance, management strategy, and employee relations using their authentic leadership style. I also help organizations bring employee wellness to the forefront through the customized creation of effective and sustainable programs. I provide individualized coaching at all levels of organizational leadership. 


Please allow me to elevate your organization’s strategy, efficiency, and wellbeing!

Let’s Work Together!

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